On-Campus Interviews

If you are intersted in conducting on-campus interviews, please make your request via Handshake.

Please note the following on-campus recruiting policies (effective July 1, 2018).

Room Reservations

The UCSC Career Center will only offer room only reservations for on-campus interviews (no Preselect options will be offered).

Due to space constraints, employers will only be allowed to reserve up to two rooms (pending availability) for free to conduct on-campus interviews. Any additional rooms requested (pending availability) will be charged upfront at $50 per hour.

Priority Scheduling

OCI priority will be given to Partners for Progress, followed by employers who attend a career fair. If you do not wish to attend a career fair, OCI reservations will be accepted after all registered employers have had the option to sign up for OCI. The earliest confirmation of a non-attending employer will be after registration has closed for a given fair.


No refunds will be given for unused rooms or cancelled rooms. If an employer does not attend a scheduled OCI without any notice, they will be given last priority to schedule OCI’s for the remainder of the school year.