Online Safety Tips

Your best bet for a safe online job search is to research the company to ensure that your potential employers are valid and liable.

If a position or job offer seems to be too good to be true, you feel uncomfortable with some of the information requested, or something doesn't feel right -- either discontinue your pursuit or proceed with extreme caution. Even if the original position description seems valid, you should proceed cautiously if you receive follow-up e-mails, phone calls, or job offers that seem unusual. Here is more information from Information Technology Services on how scammers try to gain your confidence.

Be cautious if:

  • The position requires upfront fees or asks for your bank/credit card information or PayPal account number.
  • You are asked to send a photocopy of your identification documents (e.g., driver's license, social security card, etc.).

If you encounter suspicious postings on Handshake, please report your experience to the UCSC Career Center at or call (831) 459-5705, the UCSC Police Department, and the Internet Crime Complaint Center.