Communities of Color Career Series

Communities of Color Career Series 2021

About the Series

The Communities of Color Career Series (3C Series) provides a safe space for students and alumni of color to engage in honest dialogues and networking opportunities. Students develop career strategies, establish mentor relationships with alumni, and leave equipped with knowledge that will help them thrive in the professions they pursue after graduation. 

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Monday, January 25 - Thursday, January 28, 2021

Monday, January 25 (4-5:30 pm)

Our Collective Power: Celebrate, empower, and bring awareness of our multitude of intersecting identities! Alumni of color will engage in dialogue on the importance of inclusive cultures and diversity to increase your potential at work. The alumni attending this event are Marina Ramon, Xochitl Casillas, Yvonne Rodriguez, and Colin Diaz. Their bios can be found here!

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Tuesday, January 26 (4-5 pm)

What's Up With Where you Work?: A discussion about working for a non-profit, foundation, a state entity, or the federal government. Alumni of color will share experiences, establish the differences, and will provide insight on which works best for your future career. The alumni attending this event are Tia "Rennea" Howell, Judit Camacho, Melissa K. Nelson, and Ashley De La Rosa. Their bios can be found here!

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Wednesday, January 27 (4-5:30 pm)

[Net]work It:  Join us in building community with alumni to practice making connections that align with your cultural values. Alumni of color will share their experiences with networking, that provide insight on how to build authentic professional relationships that correspond with your values! The alumni joining us will be Ken Chang, April Yee, and Jennifer Torai. Their bios can be found here!

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Thursday, January 28 (4-5:30 pm)

Identity in the Workplace: This workshop spotlights how to navigate your identity in the workplace from applying to getting the job. Alumni of color share stories, give feedback and provide tips and tricks on how to navigate your identity during your first years of entering the workplace! The alumni attending this event are Sharon Jensen-Cody, Bill Casher, and Lakeya Cherry. Their bios can be found here!

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Alumni Participation

UCSC alumni from a variety of careers, professional fields, and graduate school programs are invited, and many return to this series year after year. Featured alumni panelists and attendees have been identified as leaders through their participation in the 3C Series. Over the years, more than ten UCSC Alumni Council members have participated. Make sure to look at the alumni page found on the left to see who is coming to this year's event and to read their bio to help you decide which event is best for you!

3C Series Organizers

The Communities of Color Career Conference is organized annually by a team of students and staff from the Ethnic Resource Centers, Career Success, and Alumni Engagement

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