UCSC Internship Programs

For additional internship listings, see SlugQuest


The Arboretum at UCSC is open to the community both off and on campus. Check out their website, which provides information on their garden, gift shop, gallery, etc. The Arboretum is located on High St. between the east and west campus entrance.

Volunteer positions are non-paid and open to students and the public. Work-study internships are paid. Academic credit offered for UCSC Environmental Studies, Biology, Plant Science, Science Illustration and Science Writing students - offered through the departments. Students can fulfill the "internship or independent research" requirement of the new Plant Science major through the Arboretum.

Application Process: Contact Brett Hall, brett@ucsc.edu at (831) 502-2304


Baskin School of Engineering

The UCSC Career Center and Baskin School of Engineering collaborate to list engineering internships for students through SlugQuest

advising@soe.ucsc.edu, (831) 459-5840

Network Operations Lab (NMO) internships available

The Network Management and Operations Laboratory (NMO Lab) currently has available internship positions for undergraduate and graduate students.
The NMO Lab is focused on addressing real-world problems in complex networks, in a variety of topics that include quality of service, customer support, and intelligent and automated management of network devices.  Industry funding for the NMO Lab comes via a partnership with Cisco Systems, Inc. Through Cisco support, students (undergraduate and graduate students) and faculty advisers in SOE are engaged with Cisco engineers to work on problems in operational networks.

If you are interested in applying for the NMO Lab, there are five application criteria that must be submitted to the NMO Lab Manager, Tammy Tooley-Chelossi (ttchelossi@soe.ucsc.edu), for consideration:

  1. A resume. Please indicate your expected graduation date on your resume.
  2. A copy of your unofficial transcript.
  3. A letter of recommendation from a School of Engineering faculty member.
  4. A second letter of recommendation from a different School of Engineering faculty member.
  5. A faculty sponsor who is a UC Santa Cruz faculty member from the School of Engineering. Sponsors may also be recommenders.
  6. Enroll in an independent study course and notify your faculty sponsor of your involvement in the independent study program. Independent study enrollment is required during all academic quarters except for summer session.

Please visit the NMO Lab website for further details on the application process and contact information: https://nmo.soe.ucsc.edu

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California Teach Program

California Teach is a University of California systemwide program for undergraduate science, math, and engineering majors on all UC campuses. Its goal is to dramatically increase the number of science, mathematics and engineering majors who pursue careers in secondary science and mathematics teaching. The program is building and enhancing pathways for UC science, math, and engineering majors to prepare for teaching careers.

At UCSC Cal Teach provides:

  • Internships in K-12 schools
  • Undergraduate advising for students exploring and preparing for teaching careers
  • Professional development opportunities
  • Mentoring and peer-mentoring opportunities

UCSC undergraduates, as well as prospective transfer students from regional community colleges (e.g. Cabrillo, Hartnell, Gavilan, and Monterey Peninsula College), are welcome to apply.
To participate in Cal Teach, a student must be planning to complete an undergraduate major in science, mathematics, or engineering.
Ideally, students should begin their Cal Teach involvement in their first or second year with a winter quarter K-12 internship; however, we will continue to welcome continuing and transfer upperclass students.


Contact: Marla Hesselink
Email: Calteach@ucsc.edu
Phone: (831)459-2226 

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Chancellor’s Undergraduate Internship Program

You must complete the application process here to apply for CUIP positions.

For more information visit http://careers.ucsc.edu/intern/cuip/index.html

For resources visit http://careers.ucsc.edu/intern/cuip/Intern/index.html

Email: cuip@ucsc.edu

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Chicano Latino Resource Center

The Chicano Latino Resource Center seeks to improve the retention of Chicano/Latino students on the UC Santa Cruz campus by providing a variety of services that include:

  • Academic Support
  • Chicano/Latino Resources
  • Student Leadership /Development Opportunities
  • Student Internships
  • Chicano/Latino networking opportunities
  • Faculty connections
  • Student success course
  • Cultural Activities

Internship Opportunities:
Are you interested in contributing to the Chicano Latino Community?
Want to gain experience in the areas of community service and student affairs?
Chicano Latino Resource Center (El Centro) internship is a great way to get connected with UCSC Chicano Latino Community, plan events and gain experience working on publications and outreach efforts. (2 units requires a 5 hour commitment and 5 units requires a 10 hour commitment. There are also mandatory trainings that you must attend along with the completion of a final course paper.)
Past intern projects have included: Chisme: El Centro's newsletter; Cesar Chavez Convocation; Hermanos Brothers; Event Planning; Web page development; Chicana Latina Pipeline Project; Publications, flyers & outreach; Organizing student panels.
Internship applications are available at El Centro or on the web site: https://www.facebook.com/ChicanoLatinoResourceCenter. El Centro is located at the Ethnic Resource Centers on the 3rd Floor of the Bay Tree Bldg, which can be contacted through (831) 458-2427

Contact: Judith Estrada
Title: Director
Phone: 459-5608
Fax: 459-2469
Email: elcentro@ucsc.edu

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City on a Hill Press

City on a Hill Press is an on campus newspaper. They offer a variety of internships for credit. Students can write articles for the newspaper or work in the advertising dept. or in the business office. Contact Susan Watrous for details on the internship positions available.


Contact:  Susan Watrous
Title: Print Advisor
Phone: (831) 459-5817 
Email: swatrous@ucsc.edu

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College 9 and 10 Service Learning Program

Select the link below for details on the Service Learning internships and what is available through the program. You are required to enroll in the class Esprit de corps in order to participate in the program. Class is taught in Fall/Winter.

For more information visit http://collegeten.ucsc.edu/cocurricular/servicelearning/index.html

Contact: Abbey Asher
Title: Program Coordinator
Phone: (831) 459-1237
Email: aasher@ucsc.edu

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Earth and Planetary Sciences Department

Independent courses with Earth Sciences faculty (EART 195, 196B, 198 and 199) are designed to provide opportunities for advanced work on subjects or problems for which the student has obtained a foundation in from regular courses taken previously for the major. These may include research with lab or field components culminating in a written report or senior thesis; training in teaching skills in conjunction with an Earth Sciences course offering; internships with local companies and governmental agencies; participation in a field project.


Contact: Patrick Chuang
Phone: (831) 459-1501
Email: pchuang@ucsc.edu

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Economics Field Study Program

This internship program is only available to students who have been accepted into the Economics Field Study Program. Students can apply to the field study program if they are a declared economics major (junior or senior), in good academic standing, and have completed courses Economics 100A, 100B, and 113. For more information on how to apply, visit the program website or contact the program coordinator.


Title: Field Study Program Coordinator
Phone: (831) 459-5301
Email: ecointern@ucsc.edu

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Environmental Studies Internship/Field Program

The UCSC Environmental Studies internship program, has locally, nationally, and internationally placed students in public and private organizations. From here they have become involved in research, education, and policy formation projects while gaining first-hand experience. Students have contributed to many organizations by completing useful and well-researched projects, leading to mutually beneficial experiences for agencies and students.

Students have been placed in a variety of organizations, locally and abroad including:

  • Santa Cruz County Public Works Department
  • California Certified Organic Farmers
  • Life Lab Science Garden Classroom program
  • UCSC Arboretum
  • UCSC Center for Agroecology and Sustainable Food Systems (CASFS)
  • California State Parks
  • Anchorage Alaska Waterways Council
  • Campus Natural Reserve
  • US Representative Sam Farr
  • Seymour Discovery Center at Long Marine Lab
  • Community Agroecology Network (CAN) in Coto Brus, Costa Rica
  • Communities for a Better Environment (CBE), Los Angeles

The Environmental Studies Internship Office is committed to providing the necessary resources for finding the best placement for each student.

Interested? Stop by the Environmental Studies office and start the process to set up an internship for credit!


Contact:  Chris Krohn
Title: Internship Coordinator
Phone: (831) 459-2104
Fax: (831) 459-4015

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Everett Program

The Everett Program is an innovative "digital service learning" program at UC Santa Cruz. Everett is creating a new generation of "info activists," committed to advancing social justice, democratizing globalization, and building social entrepreneurship.

Everett requires time and dedication. Training for the program is an extracurricular activity and the time spent reading, researching, learning, practicing and networking is voluntary. Members of Everett should expect to devote about five to ten hours a week to involvement. This time should be spent preparing for internship placements by improving your technology skills, researching your field of study or interest, making contacts in related fields, working on group projects, and raising partial funds for your ravel costs. The training period can last six to nine months. This period varies, as students enter the program with different skills, project goals,and available time. The internship typically lasts 6 months (one summer and one quarter).

Everett interns research and undertake internships with local, national and international civil society and community groups. When placements develop successfully, a partnership is formed with the host organization. Partnerships are long-term commitments between the Everett Program and a host organization in which both partners collaborate in designing an info-strategy for the organization. Generally, more than one Everett intern will visit the host organization and continue the project over time until the host organization is able to continue the project on its own.


For more information
Phone: (831) 459-1572 
Email: info@everettprogram.org

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Film and Digital Media Department

Internships in the Film & Digital Media department are offered informally. Announcements are posted at Communications Building Fox Production Studios. Faculty sponsors qualify students for academic credit. Application process includes completion of individual study form and meeting with faculty sponsor. The application form must be submitted to the department office for approval.

The following is from the Film & Digital Media handbook to students about INTERNSHIPS, INDEPENDENT STUDIES, AND FIELD STUDIES:

Internships: Many students supplement their class work by pursuing internships with outside organizations, such as production companies, community television stations and non-profit arts groups. Students may explore opportunities for internships during the regular academic year or during summer break. Information about internships is occasionally posted on bulletin boards in the Communications Building. More extensive listings of internship opportunities can be found at the Career Center (305 Bay Tree Bldg). Students may earn academic credits for internships if they obtain approval from a faculty adviser. In most cases, at the end of the internship students are expected to submit a report describing their internship experience, as well as an evaluation of performance from their internship supervisor.

Independent Studies: Students may choose to work with faculty guidance on individual studies in areas that are of particular interest to them and which fall outside or expand on the regular curricular offerings. Generally, these individual studies are undertaken by advanced students who work within the research area of one or more faculty. Departmental policy does not allow individual studies in the area of production.

Internship and Independent Study credits count toward total credits needed for graduation but may not be used to satisfy major requirements (including electives) in Film and Digital Media.


Department Contact Info:
Phone: (831) 459-3204
Fax: (831) 459-1341
Email: film@ucsc.edu

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Health Sciences Internship Program

The Health Science major requires students to complete an internship in the health field in a Spanish speaking community. Because of the Spanish language requirement of the major, students choose to do their internship working with the under served Latino communities of South Santa Cruz County. Students earn academic credit for an internship in the local community or elsewhere.

Placements are available in hospitals, community health clinics, community development agencies, county health services – and many other settings.
Students might spend time shadowing a physician in a hospital, get involved in health education outreach programs, assist in providing health to under served populations, or organize a community health fair. Your interests and preparation combined with the needs of your chosen agency will help to determine the focus of your internship.

Several information sessions are conducted at the beginning of each quarter providing you with details on the program. Students must contact the Health Science Internship Coordinator at least one quarter before you do your internship or bring a completed application to the Internship Information Meeting.

Contact the Health Science Internship Coordinator at cmberger@ucsc.edu or (831) 459-5647 or check out the web site.


Contact:  Caroline Berger
Title: Health Science Internship Coordinator
Phone: (831) 459-5647
Email: cmberger@ucsc.edu

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Health Internships

Health related internships are very limited (in number and scope) because only licensed and/or certified persons can provide medical, dental care etc... Students are advised to seek health related community service opportunities via the Student Volunteer Center, State and County Public Health departments, and health focused non-profits.

See SlugQuest for Health Field Internship listings

Contact the UCSC Career Center Pre-Health Coach  

OR check out the drop in hours for the Pre-Health Peer Coach at:  http://careers.ucsc.edu/health/orgcalendar.html

IDEASS (Impact Designs: Engineering and Sustainability Through Student Services

The IDEASS program is a yearlong project-based academic/professional internship designed to advance sustainability education with real-world impact while enabling students to develop as change agents. 2016-2017 marks the 7th year since the establishment of IDEASS as a professional development program, that is is now being integrated with the new Sustainability Studies Minor in Rachel Carson College. Teams of students partner with on and off-campus agents on sustainable-design projects that advance new technologies or strategies, and bring about societal and environmental change on campus or in the Monterey Bay community.

More information on the program can be found on the IDEASS website, through its partner the Sustainability Office.

KZSC 88.1 FM

KZSC is UCSC's radio station broadcasting at 88.1 FM. KZSC has a volunteer program where students can get hands-on learning experiences in the field of mass communication. Besides a 5-unit broadcast class, there are many opportunities for behind-the-scenes work in areas such as music archiving, financial development, station promotion and sports or news programming. Many students host their own radio shows. Orientation sessions are offered throughout the year to students prior to volunteering. For details email the Volunteer Coordinator at volunteer@kzsc.org
or check their web page, http://kzsc.org/volunteer.

Contact:  Keith Rozendal
Phone: (831) 459-4733
Email: broadcastadvisor@kzsc.org

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Latin American and Latino Studies Department

LALS integrates the study of Chicano/a and Latino/a communities in the United States with analysis of the histories, politics, cultures, and societies of Latin America and the Caribbean.

Local opportunities for internship and field study in Latino Communities on California's Central Coast are numerous. The LALS department maintains ties with a variety of local organizations which offer field study and internship opportunities to LALS majors. Credit for local field study or internship ranges from two to fifteen units per quarter. The LALS office has a listing of local field study opportunities.

In addition, the LALS core and participating faculty also collaborate with national and international organizations which support full-time field study or internship opportunities. Please see the LALS Undergraduate Advisor or field study coordinator with questions about full-time field study.

LALS internship and field study courses may be undertaken only by petition and with prior approval from both your faculty sponsor and your site supervisor. Visit the LALS office and pick up a Petition for LALS Internship/Field Study as well as a Petition for Undergraduate Individual Studies Course. Bring both petitions, including a project abstract and time line, first to your faculty sponsor, then to your site supervisor at the organization where you will be conducting the internship or field study, and then to the LALS office for approval.


For more information contact the Undergraduate Adviser at (831) 459-4284 or lals@ucsc.edu

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Legal Internships and Opportunities

For information visit the Career Center legal programs page.

Life Lab Science Program, UCSC

Life Lab is a non-profit organization with a mission to inspire learning and conservation by engaging students and educators in the natural world. Field Trip Guide Internships are available at the Life Lab Garden Classroom on the UCSC Farm. Interns receive training in: garden-based science education, working with children, concepts in organic gardening & farming, games, songs, and much more, and apply this training by teaching groups of children each week. 2 credits are earned with 6 internship hours per week, or 5 credits available with 12-14 internship hours per week. For more information call Amy Carlson at 459-4035, or email amy@lifelab.org.

Visit the homepage at http://www.lifelab.org Go to "About Us" drop down menu and select "Internships". 

Contact:  Amy Carlson
Title: Garden Coordinator
Phone: 459-4035
Email: amy@lifelab.org

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Lionel Cantu GLBTI Resource Center

The Lionel Cantú GLBTI Resource Center provides a comprehensive range of educational, informational, and advocacy services and works to create and maintain a safe, inclusive multicultural environment for UCSC's GLBTI students.

Internships are available to UCSC students working on a variety of GLBTI related projects; some campus based, others community based. Optional: Students can receive 3-5 units of academic credit. Submit an application and proposal, the Director will interview students.


Contact: Travis Becker
Email: trbecker@ucsc.edu

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Merrill Field Study Program

Participants in the Merrill College Field Study program can work as an intern in a community with specific goals and tasks outlined for them as an intern, or they can design their own research question and learn how to do qualitative social science research. Fieldwork placements will be set up once a student is enrolled in the course. The Merrill Field Study Office will assist students in setting up their fieldwork placements, however the student will be the one responsible for contacting their host site and filling out the paperwork necessary to begin their fieldwork. For now, most fieldwork will take place in Santa Cruz and its surrounding areas.

Check out the Field Study Internship Living Database for ideas and information regarding possible internship placements. This list comprises past placements and contacts used from previous Field Study students. This database is "alive" because it is regularly updated each quarter as our field study program continues to grow.

For more information contact Zoe Manoguerra at merrillfieldstudy@gmail.com.

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Psychology Field Study Program

The details of this position are accessible to students accepted into the Psychology Field Study Program only. Students eligible to apply for Psychology Field Study are senior and junior declared psychology majors in good academic standing. For information on applying to the program please visit the program website or stop by the psychology department office to talk with the program coordinator.


Contact:  Gail Black
Title: Psychology Field Study Coordinator
Phone: (831) 459-4410
Email: grblack@ucsc.edu

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CIED Internships

CIED maintains a list of internship positions in startups, social enterprises, and other organizations related to innovation and entrepreneurial development. If you have an opportunity for a UC Santa Cruz student at a startup, social enterprise, or other organization related to innovation and entrepreneurial development, we can post it on the CIED website. CIED also works with the City of Santa Cruz Economic Development Office to place UCSC students in internships with local Santa Cruz companies under its Project for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (PIE). Students can work with CIED and their department to receive course credit for PIE internships. If your internship is unrelated to innovation and entrepreneurial development, you should list it through the UC Santa Cruz Career Center. For more information please visit http://cied.ucsc.edu and contact Sonya Newlyn, the CIED Specia Program Assistant, at snewlyn@ucsc.edu or (831) 459-3136.

For posting an internship or job: Please contact us at cied@ucsc.edu or 831-459-3136 with the internship or job information. Please include:

  • position title
  • salary rate or range
  • business name
  • job location
  • contact person
  • phone and email for contact
  • hours of employment
  • job duties
  • applicant qualifications

CIED encourages businesses and organizations offering internship positions that require specific skill sets to pay interns in these positions at least minimum wage. If you offer an unpaid internship, your company must meet requirements established under the Fair Labor Standards Act.Seymour Marine Discovery Center at Long Marine Lab

Seymour Marine Discovery Center at Long Marine Lab

Looking for dynamic college students and college graduates with some basic knowledge of marine science, biology, or environmental studies to work with our education staff. Visitor Programs Interns have the opportunity to lead hands-on activities and help develop and interpret the center's exhibits, aquaria, and marine mammal research areas. School Programs Interns help provide educational programming for K-12 students, by team-teaching Discovery Labs, leading tours at the marine lab, and assisting with various projects.

All interns work with the education staff to increase their knowledge of marine biology and scientific research. Interns also learn and develop teaching, interpretive, and public speaking skills. UCSC students can earn up to five units of university credit through Environmental Studies, (150 hours are required for five units of credit.)

Interns are strongly encouraged to attend Seymour Center seasonal training classes and enrichment lectures held throughout the year. Credit hours can be accumulated by attending these enrichment and training sessions. Internship positions are volunteer positions.


Contact: Seymour Center Volunteer Office
Phone: (831) 459-3854
Email:  volunteers@ucsc.edu

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STEM Diversity Programs

The STEM Diversity Program offers research training to participating students to help prepare them to compete successfully for entry into graduate programs leading to the Ph.D. in the biological sciences or into a combined MD/Ph.D. program. Funded through the National Institute of General Medical Sciences, the STEM Diversity Program's goals are to increase the numbers and capabilities of minority scientists and to prepare students for careers in biomedical research and/or teaching.

Also, the program provides participating students with the opportunity to receive an in-depth experience in the academic and experimental aspects of biological research. Funded through the National Institutes of Health, the program consists of a laboratory-training program during the summer and laboratory research projects during the academic year.

Check out the web site for eligibility and application process information.


Contact:  Xingci Situ
Title: Interim Program Coordinator
Phone: (831) 459-4770
Email: xsitu@ucsc.edu

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Student Environmental Center (SEC), UCSC

The mission of the Student Environmental Center is to organize student involvement to collaborate with the University to find ways to implement environmentally sound practices on-campus.

Join us at our General Gatherings, every Wednesday at 6:30pm at the College 8 Student Commons, the red building at the foot of the plaza.

You can get UCSC to work towards becoming a more sustainable campus by earning internship credit OR volunteering through SEC. Some of the projects of SEC include:
SEC Committees:

  • Ballot Initiative: run a successful student referenda campaign to help SEC secure funding from year to year
  • Blueprint for a Green Campus: work on getting UCSC to adopt at legally-binding document such as the Blueprint for a Green Campus
  • Campus Construction: research ways to introduce sustainable buildings
  • Environmentally-Responsible Purchasing: convince the campus to purchase products such as tree-free or 100% post-consumer paper
  • Pesticide Reduction: research pesticides used on campus
  • Students for Transportation Solutions: expand bus and bicycle services
  • Waste Reduction: expand recycling
  • Water Conservation: work on a campaign to get UCSC to conserve water

SEC Operational Departments:

  • Events: plan UCSC's first annual Campus Earth Summit and other events
  • Finance: purchase office supplies for SEC and preparing budget
  • Fund-Raising: research fund raising opportunities, create and make presentation at meetings with funding sources
  • Grant writing: research and write grants
  • Education and Outreach: recruit and train volunteers and interns
  • Promotions: work with the media and come up with create ways to market SEC

SEC Student Steering Committee:

  • Team Building Coordinator
  • Student Senate Liaisons from each residential college at UCSC

Application Process:
For detailed information, visit the SEC website. Internships are offered through the Environmental Studies office but it is also possible to receive internship credit through other departments. If you would like to receive internship credit, first you must contact an SEC Co-Chair. If you would like to receive internship credit for winter quarter through Environmental Studies, you have to get paperwork filled out with the Environmental Studies Internship Coordinator, BEFORE winter quarter starts.
Feel free to propose ideas for internships or volunteer opportunities to create beneficial changes to our campus that are not mentioned here or on our website.


Email: seclead-group@ucsc.edu

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Student Union Assembly


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Student Volunteer Center

The Student Volunteer Center offers an internship program for motivated UCSC students seeking service-learning opportunities. Interns support SVC events and programs while working with various campus and community organizations to develop professional, communication, and event planning skills.  The internship program is ideal for students wishing to gain leadership experience through volunteerism, or for students seeking nonprofit management experience. 

Three credits will be offered for each quarter of interning with SVC during the school year.  Interns work ten hours per week based on personal schedule. Work hours include group event organization, publicity, volunteer organization visits, and weekly staff meetings.  A project binder, which includes weekly journal reflections and one final reflective paper, will be due before the end of the quarter.

For more information about the application process visit http://volunteer.ucsc.edu/resources/how-students-get-involved.html

See the Student Volunteer Center home page for more volunteer opportunities.

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Student Regent Position

Each year an academically good standing, registered UC student is selected to serve on the University of California Board of Regents. All non-student Regents are appointed by the Governor of the State of California. A Student Regent, however, is selected through an annual application process and is interviewed and appointed by the UC Regional Commissions (made up of undergraduate and graduate study body presidents from each UC campus), UCSA (made up of at least one voting student representative from each UC campus) and several members of the Board of Regents in the final interview.

The Student Regent has a two year commitment to serve while registered at any of the UC's. From the time of appointment, in the first year of service in July, as a Student Regent, but prior to commencement of service as a member of the Board, the appointee holds the title "Regent-designate" and is invited to the Board of Regents and of its Committees, but without a vote.

During the second year of service, in July of the following year, the Student Regent is a full voting member of the Board of Regents of the University of California, attending all meetings of the Board and its Committees

UC Office of the President:
For additional information regarding the Student Regent position, visit the UC Office of the President's web site: http://www.universityofcalifornia.edu/regents/studentreg.html

For more information regarding the recruitment process and application review, please contact:
Lucy Rojas, larojas@ucsc.edu or (831) 459-1676

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Sustainability Internships

Check out the provost's sustainability internship and much more!

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UC Center Sacramento Program

UCSC students spend a quarter in Sacramento taking courses and interning with students from the other UC campuses! The program is offered Winter, Spring and Summer quarters.

Available to undergraduate and graduate students
Each UC campus selects its own undergraduate Scholar Intern
Graduate student applicants are evaluated by the UC Center staff
Check the web site for deadline dates.

  • Earn full time units at the UC Center in Sacramento
  • Internships created just for you and based on your interests
  • Special housing for UC students

Qualification and application include: Junior, senior or graduate student standing must be achieved before entrance into the program and a minimum 3.0 GPA.

Application form at: http://uccs.ucdavis.edu/for-students/apply/Application_10_30_15

also included in the application is:

  • Resume: Include jobs, internships, volunteer work, activities and relevant course work.
  • Official transcript with evaluations - (a copy can be requested through the college advisor)
  • Two letters of recommendation: Letter writers should be people who know you well and can speak to your ability to succeed in this environment. If possible, one should be from a faculty member. The other can be from an employer, internship supervisor, advisor or another equivalent individual.
  • Personal essay: In 350 words or less, please describe why you want to participate in this program. Include information about how you will both learn from and contribute to your internship.

Details on the program or to down load an application check out the UCCS web site at: http://uccs.ucdavis.edu

It is strongly suggested to schedule an appt. with Sheila to review your application prior to handing it in. Submit your completed application at the Career Center, ask for Sheila Rodriguez, intern@ucsc.edu, 831 459-2184, 305 Bay Tree Bldg.


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UCDC Program

UC Santa Cruz sends approximately 20 students to Washington, D.C. each Fall, Winter and Spring Quarter. The program offers an exciting opportunity to combine course work with field research and work experience in a variety of areas.

Students divide their weekly schedules between classes and a part-time field placement position. They are registered as UCSC students and earn academic credit for the courses taken. All participants pay UCSC registration fees and remain eligible for financial aid if regular UCSC standards are met. In determining eligibility and calculating the amount of financial aid, the University has agreed to adjust student expense budgets to compensate for the additional costs expected while in Washington.

The quarters in Washington are extended to approximately 12 weeks, usually a little longer than the UCSC quarters.


Contact:  Marianna Santana
Title: Coordinator
Phone: 831 502-7307
Email: ucdc@ucsc.edu

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Undergraduate Research Opportunities

The goals of the Undergraduate Research webpage are:

  • To assist all UCSC undergraduates to engage in the world-class research accomplished at UCSC and/or other programs or institutions
  • To provide a central clearing house to help faculty, staff, prospective students, and the community to become aware of the wide array of research resources in the region available to undergraduates
  • To increase awareness of the important contributions of UCSC undergraduates to research

Office located at 133 Jack Baskin Engineering

Contact: Sara Sanchez
Phone: (831) 459-5386
Email: ur_hnrs@ucsc.edu

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Women’s Center

The UCSC Women's Center affirms the dignity and diversity of all women. The Center continues and challenges feminist traditions by creating community space for all women and allies to achieve individual and social change.

The Women's Center offers internship opportunities for event programming and community outreach, recruitment for internship positions occur in Spring quarter for the following academic school year. To learn more about the Women's Center, go to: http://womenscenter.ucsc.edu/.

Phone: 459-2072

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