On-Campus Interviewing & Recruitment

Interviews will be conducted virtually during this time. Employers will provide a link for the interview and conduct them internally. Please make sure you are prepared to interview virtually by doing the following:
  • Prepare in advance
  • Use the Career Success team as a resource
  • Communicate with your company contact
  • Secure a quiet location for the interview 
  • Upload a UCSC theme backdrop


Frequently Asked Questions

What is OCI?
How do I apply?
OCI Policies

Please log into Handshake to see upcoming on-campus interviews.

(Employers will not submit their OCI's in Handshake during this time, please connect with the employer for interview information)

What is OCI?

OCI is an acronym for the On-Campus Interview program. This program gives students an opportunity to interview with a wide variety of companies for internships and full-time positions on campus at the Career Center. These are not practice interviews - real employers are here interviewing students for real jobs. Many employers begin recruiting for spring graduates and summer internships during the Fall & Winter quarters.

Who can participate?
OCI is open to ALL currently enrolled UCSC students.


How do I apply?

Students must create a user profile in Handshake to apply to jobs that have On-Campus Interviews (OCI). If you need help applying to a job on Handshake, please refer to Handshake's job application support page

Employers choose whether or not to do OCI with their job postings. Not all employer's job postings conduct interviews through the OCI program.


OCI Policies

  • OCI is open to currently enrolled UCSC students only.
  • Submit resumes to positions of interest prior to the deadline posted on each job listing in Handshake. Late submission requests will not be accommodated.
  • If selected for an interview, the employer will reach out to schedule your interview.
  • Students are expected to wear professional attire to interviews. The Career Center reserves the right to cancel interviews for students who are dressed inappropriately when they arrive.
  • If you cannot make your interview, you are expected to contact the recruiter directly. If you do not call or email to cancel, you will be subject to the No-Show Policy.

No-Show Policy:

Students who fail to show for their scheduled interview and have not contacted the recruiter beforehand will be subject to the following:

  • Email apology to the recruiter with cc to employerrelations@ucsc.edu explaining the reason for not showing up and cancelling in advance.
  • If student does not comply with the No-Show Policy, their access to Handshake and OCI opportunities may be denied at the discretion of the Career Center.



  • Submit your resume early. Employers can close resume submission at any time.
  • Attend all events where you can meet employers such as information sessions, career fairs, workshops, club events, and panels.
  • To prepare for your interview, attend Career Center workshops such in areas like resume writing and interview techniques, even if you have already been to one.