Chancellor's Undergraduate Internship Program (CUIP) - Prospective Intern Resources

CUIP interns 2014-2015

Information Sessions for 2024-2025 CUIP Application

Join us virtually for one of our three information sessions. These sessions provide a general overview of CUIP with plenty of time to answer your specific questions about CUIP and the application process. Register now via Handshake!

Friday January 19 11am-12pm: Register via Handshake

Monday January 29 2-3pm: Register via Handshake

Tuesday February 13 12-1pm: Register via Handshake

Please contact us by email to ask application specific questions. You can also attend general drop-in advising to ask for information or guidance with your application.


Why should you apply for a CUIP Internship?

  • Receive up to a $5,500 scholarship
  • Take a class on Leadership and Institution Building with opportunities to meet with top campus leadership. This class qualifies as your PR-S General Education Requirement. 
  • Work in a professional environment with a mentor and develop your professional skills

Click here for details on the application process.

What students say about the program:

"Through my CUIP internship, I feel more equipped in my skills to excel in the work field after I graduate." 

“The CUIP program allows me to experience college without the pressure of taking out loans for one year. I’ve been able to develop my professional skills, work on my own time, and feel proud of my contribution to my organization.”

"The Internship has helped me see the school administrator's in a new and humanized light. As a student involved on campus, I often hear what students are upset about with the administration. They believe that they don't care about our interests but by meeting them I was able to see their side of the story. I really liked hearing about what they do on campus and be able to ask questions, that we have longed to ask. Not only that, but this opportunity has granted me a great mentor who I feel is supportive and invested in my growth. I have learned various new information, including the importance of communication, and can confidently say that this experience has allowed me to grow. It has also been great to be in a class with passionate people and talk with them about their experiences."  

"I really feel prepared to join the workforce now that I've received constructive criticism and direction from my mentor, as well as had that chance to implement those suggestions and improve myself. I like having the freedom to choose my own project within my department, but also have the resources to put that project into action and the connections to do so efficiently. The scholarship earned for being a CUIP, along with other Fellowships and Scholarships, has allowed me to have no loans for my final year at UCSC. This alleviated a lot of financial pressure, giving me the head space to fully invest in my position, my personal project, and my professional development."