Job/Career Fairs

Fairs are a great way to discover a job you didn't know existed, learn what skills certain positions require, and network a company. Simultaneously, companies can learn who you are and how you could fit in their company.

Fall Job and Internship Fairs/Graduate School Fair

October 3, 2018
Meet the Firms

October 10, 2018
Computer/Engineering Career & Internship (CECI) Fall Fair

October 15, 2018
Graduate & Professional Schools Fair

November 1, 2018 
Fall Job & Internship Fair

Winter Job and Internship Fairs

January 23, 2019
Science Job & Internship Fair

January 23, 2019
Government & Nonprofit Job & Internship Fair

January 30, 2019
Computing/Engineering Career & Internship (CECI) Winter Fair

March 20, 2019
Careers in Education

Spring Job and Internship Fairs

April 17, 2019
Spring Job & Internship Fair

Tips for Fair Success

• How to dress
• How to approach employers
• How to prepare yourself
• How to follow up

Are you a student of color? Though it isn't a Job and/or Internship fair, we partner with other campus entities to host the Communities of Color Career Conference

Want to see what employers have attended in the past?

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