Resume and Cover Letters

Whether you already have a draft of your resume written or you're starting from scratch, use our resources to learn more about these important documents and check out our examples to help you develop your own!

  • Having a strong resume and cover letter is the essential first step in applying for jobs, internships, and volunteer positions.
  • A well-written resume and cover letter that effectively convey your skills and qualifications can make all the difference in convincing an employer to offer you an interview.


A resume is a summary of your skills,education, and experience that helpsconvince an employer to interview you. It is essiential for beginning job search.

Cover Letter

This acts as a cover page to yourapplication and a writing sample forthe employer. This letter can convincethe employer to look at your resume.

Recommendations & References

A list of or personalized letters from people who can vouch for the skills and experience you have provided.

Undergraduate Information for Curriculum Vitae

A resource for undergraduates to become aware of the reasons, the reason for, and sections behind a CV.

  • Get your resume and cover letter critqued by a peer coach!