Application Materials and Process

If you are thinking about a dual career path, finding a job outside of the academy, or looking for an internship or part-time job to hone your transferable skills, preparing your job materials, such as a resume and cover letter, are essential to your success. Likewise, you'll also want to prepare yourself for interviews and salary negotiations. Resources to help you prepare for all stages of the job application process are below: 

CVs and Resumes 

Cover Letters 

  • Blank Master List
    • If you want to create a Master List to help you craft your resume and cover letter you can use this blank template to help you.
  • Sample CV to Resume Packet
    • This packet shows the transformation of a sample PhD student's CV into two different resumes based on two different job descriptions. 
  • Cover Letter FAQ
    • This page provides answers to some common questions about cover letters.
  • Steps to Writing a Cover Letter
    • This page provides a step-by-step guide to what information goes where in your cover letter.
  • Before and After Cover Letter Example
    • This page provides an example of cover letter before and after revision. 

Recommmendations and References 


Evaluating and Negotiating a Job Offer 

  • Tips and Advice
    • This page will help you evaluate and negotiate a job offer. 


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