What Can I Do With My Degree?

As a graduate degree holder or soon-to-be graduate degree holder, there are a variety of careers and job opportunities available to you that utilize your unique set of skills. While our list below is not comprehensive, by browsing different career families you can brainstorm and generate ideas about potential career opportunities and avenues to pursue.   

Job Families: 

Couldn’t I have gotten some of these jobs without a graduate degree?

  • Perhaps. Employers hire based upon skills, knowledge and industry needs, not necessarily from your education level. For example, to be a copywriter in general, does not require a Master's or PhD, but it may if the company in question manufactures lab equipment, thus making use of your writing skills and specialized knowledge. Remember that a graduate degree provides you with unique skills and areas of expertise than can earn you a higher salary and make you a more ideal candidate for a number of positions.

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