Writing a Thank You Note

Why do I need to send a thank you note? I already thanked them during the interview.

  • Sending a handwritten or e-mailed thank you note after your interview is common practice and expected at any stage in the hiring process after an interview. By sending a thank you note you reaffirm your interest in the position and you thank the individuals involved for their time. You may also reaffirm (humbly, of course) your skills and excitement for the position. In fact, hiring managers expect such notes and will count it against you if you don’t send a thank you note via the postal mail or an e-mail.

When should I send a thank you note?

  • You should send a thank you note within 24-48 hours of an initial interview to make sure that it reaches the hiring committee before they decide who to move forward with for their in-person interviews. But if the decision is expected quickly, getting the e-mail out ASAP with an e-mail thank you is a good option.


Thank You Note Outline:

If you are sending an e-mail make sure to put the name of the position you interviewed for in the subject line.

Example: “Subject: Thank you—Art Director Position”

Dear Ms./Mrs./Mr. [Insert Name of Interviewer]:

[This is your first paragraph]

In your first paragraph, you want to thank the interviewer for the chance to speak with her/him/them. You also want to express how it was enjoyable to meet with them and learn more about their company or organization.

[This is your second paragraph]

In your second paragraph, you want to confirm and emphasize how your meeting with them affirmed your interest in the company and the position. You want to clearly outline how your attributes and skills align with the company based on what you learned during your interview. This shouldn’t be a restatement of your resume but a reiteration of your fit for the company based on what you learned during the interview.

[This is your third paragraph]

In your third paragraph, keep it concise and conclude with how you hope to work with them in the future and look forward to hearing from them.



[Your Name]


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