Looking for Jobs and Internships

There are many resources to help you find jobs and graduate level internships. Before you apply, it's important to consider your career goals and think strategically about the best places for you to apply. Think about which companies or organizations you would most like to work for and what kind of roles you would most like to explore. Then, do some research. Check out the websites of companies or organizations you are interested in to see if they offer summer or part-time jobs or internships. If you are looking for a specific role, a simple Google search can often help dig up opportunities. 

If you’re not sure where you might like to apply or what role you would like to pursue, browse one of the many resources below and see if there is an opportunity you'd like to explore. You can also visit our list of Strategies to Begin a Job Search for help. 


Connect with Employers through UCSC:

The Employee Request System

  • The Employee Request (ER) system allows you to search non-work study jobs available on UCSC’s campus. Pay close attention to application instructions as they vary from job to job.


  • The official UCSC Career Center job board. Use this platform to find your next internship or career opportunity!

Databases of On and Off-Campus Opportunities

  • Check out our lists of opportunities to build your dual career path skills both on UCSC's Campus and in Santa Cruz and the surrounding areas
  • These lists are not comprehensive but can give you a place to start from as you explore your options!  

Online Resources For Jobs and Graduate Level Internships:

The Central Intelligence Agency (CIA)

  • The CIA offers graduate students internship opportunities. While you have to apply far in advance (often up to a year), this is an opportunity for those with an interest in analysis, STEM, and foreign languages, among other skills, who are willing to relocate to Washington DC for the duration of the internship.


  • Coolworks lists jobs for those with an interest in the outdoors and ideal outdoor locations such as National Parks and nature preserves.

Diversity Abroad

  • Diversity Abroad offers a platform that allows you to look for job and build connections through its website that is geared specifically towards individuals interested in global career opportunities.


  • Glassdoor provides a search engine that you can cater to your exact specifications.


  • Do you want a job or internship with specific qualities such as paid, part-time, or in a specific industry? Using Google to find an internship or job can be a great first-step before using a more tailored search.


  • If you’re interested in working in the non-profit sector, Idealist can help you find opportunities in these areas.


  • Like LinkedIn, Indeed offers a search function for users not only to search for Graduate Student internships but users can also tailor their searches for their desired internship or job opportunity.


  • Internmatch specializes in internships and post-graduate jobs. Users can also sign up for e-mail updates and notifications.


  • Internships.com provides advice and a search service for Graduate students seeking internships.


  • Like Indeed, LinkedIn offers a search function for users not only to search for Graduate Student internships but users can also tailor their searches for their desired internship or job opportunity.


  • A more unusual site, YouTern allows you to connect with employers through social networking. Though users must interact with the site before jobs or internships are referred, this unlikely platform allows you to network with recruiters.


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