Getting Your Blue Card

  • Remote Hiring/Onboarding/Blue Card Information


    **NOTICE: At this time, all onboarding is being completed via email communication and digital forms. A Zoom meeting is not required but may be requested if you need additional assistance completing the required documents.**

    Once you are officially hired in the ER system by your supervisor, you will receive an autogenerated confirmation email. This email will also include instructions for completing section 1 of your I-9 form. (Please refer to List A, List B, and List C identification documents. ALL documents provided must be ORIGINALS in order to complete the hiring process. We cannot accept copies.)


    Step 1: RSVP for an online onboarding drop-in.

    • Our onboarding process is entirely virtual - there are no in-person appointments available, but we can schedule a zoom meeting if you are having trouble with any parts of the process. Email to request a zoom meeting for troubleshooting.
    • Identify an Authorized Representative (a friend, family member, roommate) to complete Section 2 of the I-9 form for you - they will witness your original identity documents in person. You will list their name and email address on your RSVP.
    • **Please note that your AR cannot be you or your supervisor.**

    STEP 2: Complete Section 1 of I-9 Form

    STEP 3: Complete Section 2 of I-9 Form with Authorized Representative

    • Once you RSVP, we will activate section 2 for your listed authorized representative. 
    • Your authorized representative will complete section 2 for you after witnessing your original identity documents.

    STEP 4: Once the I-9 has been completed and approved you will receive the payroll sign-up packet via DocuSign. As long as you have completed all of your steps, this will occur prior to your start date.

    STEP 5: Receiving Virtual Blue Card 

    • Once The I-9 and Payroll Packet have been completed a virtual “Blue Card” will be sent via email to the Supervisor/Student/Timekeeper. This will be confirmation that you have completed the onboarding process and are approved to start working.
    What if my position requires a background check?
    Students who are required to complete background checks will need to complete their fingerprinting through Livescan and receive clearance prior to beginning the onboarding process. This process needs to be completed BEFORE RSVPing for an onboarding appointment. It can take up to 2 weeks to receive clearance from Livescan after you have been fingerprinted. Students are not approved to begin working until their onboarding process has been completed entirely and have received a "blue card" approval email.
    If you need additional information on completing a background check please reach out to your supervisor and/or SHR timekeeper directly - Career Success does not perform or support the background check process.

    For all questions or concerns please reach out to

    Identification Documents

    To receive a Blue Card, you need to show documentation that establishes your identity and employment authorization.

    There are two ways of doing this:

    • one List A Document
    • one List B Document AND one List C Document

    Acceptable documents are listed below. We cannot accept photocopies, scans, or faxes of these documents.


    For photo references of each document, please visit the USCIS website.

    International Students

    • Find more information regarding student employment for international students, including the necessary documentation to sign up for on-boarding.