Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about pay, onboarding, or eligibility in response to COVID-19, please view FAQ sheet here.


  • How do I know if I receive work-study?

    The Financial Aid Office will decide whether or not you are eligible for work-study through your financial aid package via FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). If you are eligible, you must accept the award in order to receive work-study.


    How do I apply for a job under (non) work-study?

    On the ER (Employee Request) System, there are links to both Non Work-Study and Work-Study jobs. Click whichever option you would like to apply to.


    Can I reapply for a non work-study job if I have the work-study option?

    Yes! Just return to the ER (Employee Request) system and reapply through the Non Work-study application of your job.

  • Blue Card

  • Where do I get a Blue Card?

    You receive a Blue Card at the Student Employment Office in the Career Center. You must bring the necessary identification documents before you can receive a Blue Card; all documents must be originals (no faxes, photocopies, or scans). For questions on what to bring, please refer to this list.


    Do I need another Blue Card?

    Only if you are either re-hired and your employer requires you to get another Blue Card OR if you have been hired for a different job.


    What if I lose my Blue Card?

    You must come back to the On-Boarding Office to receive a new Blue Card.

  • On-Boarding Process

  • Can I bring a copy of... (a passport, birth certificate, social security card, etc.)?

    NO. The federal government requires that you present your official documents. They cannot be faxes, photocopies, or scans.


    What is the CANRA form?

    When signing a CANRA (Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act) form, you become a mandated reporter of signs of child abuse and/or neglect.


    What is a Background Check / Live Scan?

    Background checks are required for individuals under consideration for hire or appointment into critical staff and student employment and volunteer positions.


    How can I sign up for a Background Check?

    You can either come to the Student Employment Office to fill out the application, or you can complete the application here.

  • CruzPay

  • Where do I log in my hours?

    Log-in your hours on CruzPay.


    What if I need to turn in a late timesheet?

    First, print out a paper timesheet, fill out the hours that you've worked, and then turn it in to your supervisor.

  • Getting Paid / Direct Deposit

  • How often do I get paid?

    As a student employee, you will get paid bi-weekly on Wednesdays.

    Where do I pick-up my paycheck?

    You can pick up your paycheck at your affiliated college's advising office (UNLESS you receive an e-mail from the Student Employment Office) stating that your paycheck is ready for pick-up. You have five business days to pick up your paycheck until the facility holding the paycheck returns it to the Payroll Department.

    How can I sign up for direct deposit?

    Log-in to the AYSO (At Your Service On-Line) website, and click on the "Direct Deposit" link under the "Income & Taxes" section. You refer to this page for instructions on how to sign up for Direct Deposit.