Frequently Asked Questions

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Questions about pay, onboarding, or eligibility in response to COVID-19, please view FAQ sheet here.


  • How do I know if I receive work-study?

    The Financial Aid Office will decide whether or not you are eligible for work-study through your financial aid package via FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid). If you are eligible, you must accept the award in order to receive work-study.

    How do I apply for a job under (non) work-study?

    On the ER (Employee Request) System, there are links to both Non Work-Study and Work-Study jobs. Click whichever option you would like to apply to.

    Can I reapply for a non work-study job if I have the work-study option?

    Yes! Just return to the ER (Employee Request) system and reapply through the Non Work-study application of your job.

  • Blue Card

  • Where do I get a Blue Card?

    **NOTICE: At this time, all onboarding is being completed via email communication and digital forms. A Zoom meeting is not required but may be requested if you need additional assistance completing the required documents.**

    Once you are officially hired in the ER system by your supervisor, you will receive an autogenerated confirmation email. This email will also include instructions for completing section 1 of your I-9 form. (Please refer to List A, List B, and List C identification documents. ALL documents provided must be ORIGINALS in order to complete the hiring process. We cannot accept copies.)


    Step 1: RSVP for an online onboarding drop-in.

    • Our onboarding process is entirely virtual - there are no in-person appointments available, but we can schedule a zoom meeting if you are having trouble with any parts of the process. Email to request a zoom meeting for troubleshooting.
    • Identify an Authorized Representative (a friend, family member, roommate) to complete Section 2 of the I-9 form for you - they will witness your original identity documents in person. You will list their name and email address on your RSVP.
    • **Please note that your AR cannot be you or your supervisor.**

    STEP 2: Complete Section 1 of I-9 Form

    STEP 3: Complete Section 2 of I-9 Form with Authorized Representative

    • Once you RSVP, we will activate section 2 for your listed authorized representative. 
    • Your authorized representative will complete section 2 for you after witnessing your original identity documents.

    STEP 4: Once the I-9 has been completed and approved you will receive the payroll sign-up packet via DocuSign. As long as you have completed all of your steps, this will occur prior to your start date.

    STEP 5: Receiving Virtual Blue Card 

    • Once The I-9 and Payroll Packet have been completed a virtual “Blue Card” will be sent via email to the Supervisor/Student/Timekeeper. This will be confirmation that you have completed the onboarding process and are approved to start working.
    What if my position requires a background check?
    Students who are required to complete background checks will need to complete their fingerprinting through Livescan and receive clearance prior to beginning the onboarding process. This process needs to be completed BEFORE RSVPing for an onboarding appointment. It can take up to 2 weeks to receive clearance from Livescan after you have been fingerprinted. Students are not approved to begin working until their onboarding process has been completed entirely and have received a "blue card" approval email.
    If you need additional information on completing a background check please reach out to your supervisor and/or SHR timekeeper directly - Career Success does not perform or support the background check process.

    For all questions or concerns please reach out to


    Do I need another Blue Card?

    Only if you have a break in employment from the university - if you are currently employed at UC Santa Cruz and accept another role, that is a continuing hire and you do not need another blue card.


    What if I lose my Blue Card?

    The Blue Card is fully digital - email if you need to re-confirm your blue card status.

  • Onboarding Process

  • Can I provide a copy of... (a passport, birth certificate, social security card, etc.)?

    NO. The federal government requires that you present your official documents to your authorized representative. They cannot be faxes, photocopies, or scans.


    What is the CANRA form?

    When signing a CANRA (Child Abuse and Neglect Reporting Act) form, you become a mandated reporter of signs of child abuse and/or neglect.


    What is a Background Check / Live Scan?

    Background checks are required for individuals under consideration for hire or appointment into critical staff and student employment and volunteer positions.


    How can I sign up for a Background Check?

    You can complete the application here - note that you will receive a direct email with instructions regarding how to complete the Background Check.

  • CruzPay

  • Where do I log in my hours?

    Log-in your hours on CruzPay.


    What if I need to turn in a late timesheet?

    First, print out a paper timesheet, fill out the hours that you've worked, and then turn it in to your supervisor.

  • Getting Paid / Direct Deposit

  • How often do I get paid?

    As a student employee, you will get paid bi-weekly on Wednesdays.

    Where is my paycheck?

    Paychecks will be delivered to the current address on file in UCPath unless the student has signed up for a direct deposit.

    How can I sign up for direct deposit?

    1. Signing up for Direct Deposit in UCPath.
    2. From your UCPath Dashboard, use the menu on the left side of the screen to navigate to the Direct Deposit Add/Update page:
    3. Employee Actions > Income and Taxes > Direct Deposit.
    4. The initial Direct Deposit set-up may take up to two weeks to become effective.

      If you choose not to sign up for Direct Deposit, your paycheck will be mailed to the home/mailing address on file in UCPath. Please review your personal information to ensure that the address listed is correct."